Tuesday, March 2, 2010

ThinkInnovation, The People Behind Your Breakthroughs - The Newsletter

ThinkInnovation, The Newsletter, is the official newsletter for ThinkInnovation, The People Behind Your Breakthroughs.

The purpose of this newsletter is to present the thoughts behind ThinkInnovation, and its efforts to create a better tomorrow for individuals and organisations.

Here is a company brief of ThinkInnovation, The People Behind Your Breakthroughs.

Name:  Thinkinnovation, The People Behind Your Breakthroughs

Short Description: ThinkInnovation, The People Behind Your Breakthroughs

Description: The idea behind ThinkInnovation was mooted in 2002 when the founder created the MINDEF Innovation and Transformation Office to apply creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship as technologies to change and transform the 60,000 personnel in the Ministry of Defence (Singapore) and the Singapore Armed Forces into thinking soldiers and defence executive officers. Subsequently, ThinkInnovation was founded in 2009 to bring these breakthroughs to the rest of the world.

Mission:  Create sustainable individual and organisation breakthroughs by building personal creative competencies and enterprise-wide entrepreneurial capabilities.

Founder:  Anthony Mok

Awards: DAG Excellence Award (Innovation), awarded by Mr Lim Hup Seng, Deputy Secretary (Administration), Ministry of Defence, 2002

Products:  The ThinkInnovation Breakthrough System is the anchor of ThinkInnovation, which guides individuals and enterprises in building sustainable breakthroughs.

Please contact ThinkInnovation for a conversation about the ThinkInnovation Breakthrough System.

Phone:  +65 97645381

Website:  http://thinkinnovationsingapore.blogspot.sg/

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